Sunday, January 1, 2012

This was 2011!

January: I graduated from the Couch-to-5 k program. I was in better shape than I am now:(

February: We went on a trip to the Paraguay river at Carmelo Peralta. I loved seeing so much water!

Also February: My Christmas present arrived: A new sewing machine. I'm still thrilled about it!

March: Bumper crop of cucumbers. I made relish for the first time.

April: I tried some new recipes for Easter. Like this one. We all loved these bunnies!

May: Marvins cousin from Germany came to visit. Here they are preparing meat for a BBQ.

June: A visit to my parent's ranch!

July: A trip to the capital (=a trip to McDonald's)

August: A flea market/second hand sale at my parents with some friends and my sister.

September: highlight of the WHOLE year: my 2 sisters came from Canada!

Here's a family picture: together again after 8 1/2 years!

October: the Trans Chaco Rally.

November: first spring rains brought beauty back to the Chaco!

Also November: Amy's ninth grade graduation! We are so proud of her!

December: traditional Crazy-Cookie-Baking Day at my Mom's! This year we "only" made 12 different batches of cookies:)

Thank you all for visiting my here on my blog this past year. I hope to blog more regularly in 2012, but I won't let blogging keep me from more important things!

I have always loved this verse and would like to give it to you for the new year. God bless you all!