Thursday, February 9, 2012

What's keeping me busy and happy

Things in January/February 2012 that made me smile!

Brianna, right before she left for camp. In the background our pick-up full of watermelons, ready for the market:)

 My silly nephew Jopi. (Actually this picture was taken in December, but I couldn't not show it!)

Flowers that Amy planted and that are thriving, due to the blessed rains that came in January.

My dear old cat, Eskimo, yawning. That cat sleeps for 20 hours a day!

Another truck full of watermelons, I think the forth load of five that we sold these last 6 weeks.

A new project that is challenging and fun and A LOT OF WORK! This is the quilt from the book: The Romance of Paula Vaughan.

After cutting over 530 pieces to form a fan, I sewed the fan pieces together.

Ironing the material after every step...
(which is a very sweaty work with the temperature up to 40 C most days...)

Wait, what is Grayson doing in between my quilting pictures? Silly cat!

Back to ironing on the pattern for the quilted roses on each block above the fan.

Squaring the blocks before I sew them into strips.

I did some more work on the quilt today, but I'll show some more pictures later. Now I need a cold Terere and a back rub!

Thanks for reading my blog everyone! Big hugs to my sisters, friends and anyone else visiting my blog! See ya soon.