Thursday, March 8, 2012

School,... finally and a finished quilt!

So, our girls started school again a few weeks ago. I love my kids like crazy, but I love having a schedule and lunch on time and kids out of my way for a few hours a day. Does that make me a bad mom? I hope not.

Wednesday, Amy and Cindy went back to junior high and high school. Cindy is in eighth grade now and Amy in tenth! I'm not sure what you would call her classes, but here they are divided in Curso Basico and Curso Sociales, and she is taking Basico. She explained that there are more math and physics classes in Basico. I hope she does ok.

At first they were all:

then they were like this:

But really they were:

Brianna gets to take the bus from home, so she likes waiting with Chester.

And, (drumroll please) I finished the Grandmother's Fan quilt I started in January. I love how it turned out, even if it did cost me two fingernails:)

The most work was quilting all of the roses and leaves by hand. But I think it gives a patchwork quilt more personality when it's quilted by hand. I had a buyer for it even before it was done! And I know that the people buying it with cherish it for many years! (You know who you are:)

This was the last stitch I had to quilt

Then I had to finish of the edges and voilá...

My poor nails now have time to grow again:)

I'll be going to Asuncion next week to visit my lil' sister. I'm so ready for a trip! When I get back there will be pictures from there!

Love you all, and good night!