Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May things

We hosted some barbecues last month and I always try to mix up the menu a bit. I like to serve a vegetable platter rather than a stirred-up salad. 
This was my attempt at decorating with veggies!

I also made two cakes from a new recipe book I bought last month. This is a typical German cake called: Frankfurter Kranz. Without my sister's interest in this cake, I wouldn't have tried to make it myself. (Thanks, D!)
The next time I'll make the recipe slightly larger. The cake turned out great, but a little on the small side.

This is the second cake I made from the book: Backen macht Freude from Dr. Oetker. It's marble cake. Simple and sweet!

I also got some sewing done. :) 
This is an owl bag I made for a swap. The lovely lady that loves owls was very delighted to receive this:)

Ever since our store has ordered fabric from Pilar (a Paraguayan town with a fabric factory), I go crazy with ideas for all of the heavy and medium weight cottons. This is my creation slightly changed from the original pattern from Sew4home. You can't see it very well, but the edges are open zippers. The pattern calls for zipper trim that you can get by the meter in the civilised world, but I slaughtered 3 zippers to make this bag:)

My next project is a tablecloth that I want to give to the Thanksgiving church service on Sunday. They always have an auction after lunch where they auction off fruit, vegetables, cows, chickens, crafts, etc.

And now back to my sewing room! The weather finally turned cold and I love sitting with my Pfaff and a cup of coffee sewing all (or at least 10%)  the ideas swimming around in my head!

Thanks for the visit!