Monday, August 27, 2012

Women's retreat 2012

Has anyone missed me yet? :)

I guess I really only post something when I've experienced something special. Like this week...

I was at a women's retreat from all of the Mennonite Brethern churches from Paraguay. There were 201 women there from the Chaco and east Paraguay!

This is the view from the fifth floor of our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Ex-condovac in San Bernardino. San Ber is a well liked resort city, known for it's lake, called the Ypacaraí.

Here you can see the sun set over the lake, we went down to the lake a few times, and for a parched-out Chaqueño, it's a sight for sore eyes.

This was a deck on the water. It was beautiful in the morning. We did our homework (for the retreat) sitting here, but the view did distract us:)

This used to be a restaurant when I was in ninth grade. I remember coming here. It's called the Mexican Sombrero. But it looked deserted now.

My friend and roommate doing here homework. (Is it OK that I posted this? You can't really recognize who you are, R! By the way, I had a great time with you!)

In the background you can see the top of the hotel.

Andrea Rouf from Germany, she was the invited speaker. Our motto of the retreat was: called to freedom. I enjoyed her lectures.We also did a personality test, where I was very surprised of the results!

This was the line-up for meals. We stood on some stairs and the women stood in line at least 30 m long.
One downside of the retreat was that the hotel personnel were probably new and not practiced in serving food to so many people at once. The quality of the food wasn't too great either, but we came to hear God's word and not gain weight, after all.

All in all, it was a blessed experience and I'm thankful for the coordinators of the retreat (MBG church of Concordia Asuncion) and my family for giving me the opportunity to go.

Another thing that bugged me was that I forgot the battery for my camera, and all of the above pictures were made on my phone. Sorry for the bad quality, but I stopped beating myself up for it.

So, talking of cameras, Amy bought a new camera 2 weeks ago, and she is loving it! I'm so in awe of what her camera (and Amy) can do, I'd like to show you some of her pictures (with her permission:)

Cindy got a new female rabbit at the rodeo, isn't she cute? Her name is Xaffi. Don't ask me where she comes up with these names.

I absolutely love this picture!
Amy took it on the high school yard, while all the students were having their siesta. She made another picture even better than this one, but I don't want to post it, because she's entering it in a contest soon.
Isn't it pretty? Or is that just her proud mom speaking? :)

Brianna finally got her hearts desire and picked up her puppy today. So next post will be pics of Baxter and Brianna!

Thanks for dropping in and come back again!