Thursday, June 4, 2009

An eventful weekend

Hi everybody! We've been having a hard time the last weekend. On Friday night my Oma (grandma) passed away in Canada. I received the message on Saturday early morning. My Oma was such a sweet person. She was an avid and talented quilter, who has made hundreds of quilts for relief projects all over the world. She was also an awesome cook, making buns, sweets and meals for the extended family. She had broken her hip and was in a care facility for a few months. On Friday night she peacefully passed away and went be with the Lord Jesus she loved so much. I pray for my Opa, that he may be comforted.

On Sunday, we had another event that left us shocked. My husband and my oldest daughter (13 years) were playing a bit of volleyball. Just back and forth, no net or anything. My parents were at our house for a visit, Mom, Dad and i were sitting on the porch watching Amy and Marvin play. Then the ball struck Amy full in the face, on her nose. She sat down on the lawn for a minute. I asked her if she was ok, and she said yes. Marvin helped her up. Then we saw her stagger towards us, but we weren't fast enough to break her fall. She had fainted and fell face-forward into the flowerbed. The problem was that her mouth landed on the brick frame. We helped her into a sitting position and she came to right away. Her face was full of blood, and we could see that teeth were missing. She spit one out and we found one more on the bricks. My Dad took Amy and me to the ER. Marvin, Mom, Brianna and Cindy came later with our car. The doctor looked at her, but said we needed a dentist and made me try to call one. Let me tell you, you can't find a dentist at home on a Sunday afternoon. I finally found one in the neighbor town (Neuland). He said he would be there as fast as he could, and the doctor in the ER put Amy in a room in the hospital.

When Dr. Barg, the dentist got there, he spent over 2 hours putting back the teeth we found and placing a brace over them. He also had to stich up the gums right behind the front teeth. We took an X-Ray, because one tooth was missing and the dentist thought it might have been pushed up into the gums. But he couldn't tell for sure. Amy stayed at the hospital for night. In the morning, Brianna came and gave me a tooth, she had found the missing tooth in the flower bed. It was too late to put it back in, but at least we knew that it wasn't pushed into the gums. On Tuesday morning she was released from the hospital, and we went to the dentist. He checked everything and made another X-Ray, just to be sure. He was very pleased by the way everything looked. We went home after that. The doctor gave her a notice that she can stay home from school this remaining week. We will be having a lot of dentist appointments in the near future. The tooth that was chipped will be fill with a "crown", and the one missing will be replaced by an implant.

Throughout this whole ordeal, Amy didn't cry once, she doesn't complain or blame anyone, she just accepts that this happened to her. I love this girl!!!

By the way, Amy is my grandparents oldest great-grandchild!


  1. WOW I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother she must have been lovely.. & WOW so sorry about your poor daughter! ouchie! sounds like it hurt! hope she's doing well dear!

  2. Hi Brenda,
    You must have been terrified! I am so glad you were able to find a dentist that could help you on the weekend. Not only teeth, but passing out and a visit/overnight in the hospital? I would have been a wreck! How is Amy doing?

    My son is 13 turning 14 this September, and all I'm trying to do is the best for him. He is also a trooper. I've been told he has to wait until he is 17 or 18 for an implant because of jaw growth. We are just entering the next phase of temporary teeth. Every new chapter comes with so much information and decisions that my head is spinning.

    I'm sorry to hear about your Oma--she sounds like an amazing woman. I love that she was a quilter and generously shared her talent.

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. It's nice to know I'm not in this alone!

    Sorry for the longest comment in the history of blogging!


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