Saturday, October 31, 2009

Craft auction of our ladies group

I'm inviting everyone reading my blog (and close enough) to come to our auction and programm tonight. We have a ladies group that meets every two weeks. We have a devotional first, then we make crafts, which we sell every two years at an auction. I have to admit, the worst part of the programm tonight, is that I have to sing with a group. (I don't sing very well:()

Our program starts at 7:30 pm at the volleyball field in Nr. 18.

Here's a little peek at what we are selling tonight:

(If you want to see the beginnings of this quilt, check out my very first post in the blog!)

In case you are wondering, C finally found the silver spoon! I attached a little note to it, I thought she would find it faster that way. (And its how I think of my sister!<3)

She had a very scary week. Her youngest, Jopi, was bitten by a spider and had to stay in the hospital for 1.5 days. But he's better now.

Our motto of the week: DEATH TO THE SPIDERS! Never bite my nephew again!


  1. That quilt is beautiful. I have always wanted to try day!

    I'm loving this spoon story :)

    Death to Spiders!!

  2. Beautiful quilt!

    I'm late for VGNO- hope you had a good one!

  3. Beautiful Quilt! We're not sure if we're coming tonight yet! If, not, I hope you have a good sale.
    Jopi is doing fine! He seemed a little more mature yesterday and today. Don't think that has anything to do with anything, because right now he's back to his normal two-year old status!
    Love ya!

  4. I hope the singing went well! The quilt is wonderful, it matches what my daughter's nursery was like, but now she's almost 9 and wants a teenager's room....

    Just stopping by late to say Happy Halloween, Happy VGNO & SO Happy my DUCKS beat USC!!! :)

    Stop by & check out my latest Layout of the Week.

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