Monday, January 18, 2010

Room Makeovers

For Christmas 2009 my daughters wished for a room makeover. They know exactly what they are doing to me, asking for something like this. (I am not my sister!)

After a lot of thinking and stalling we finally started two weeks ago with Amy's room. She likes dolphins, so she wanted a under the sea kind of wall mural. He room was painted in a pale purple, and because she is 14, it wasn't the right color anymore for her. (Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, some were made with my phone without a flash)

We did the bottom part of the wall blue and ended it in a wavy pattern about 1.5 m from the floor. The upper part we painted white. Then we mixed a very pale blue and with a crumpled plastic bag, we dabbed and dabbed (is that a real word?).

This is what it looked like when we were done. Amy has painted a sailboat on one wall and a lighthouse on the wall beside the doorway. She also wants to paint a dolphin in the water someday.
I'll post pictures of Cindy and Brianna's room after they clean it up.
I have a lot on my mind this week. My Grandpa passed away early this morning. He was dearly loved by his family and we will miss him.
I'd also like to blog about our family camping trip with a lot of pictures, but it will have to wait. I have to finish a dress for a friend this week and need to be at my sewing machine and not at the computer.
Please drop in later this week for more posts.
To my sisters: I love you all like crazy!


  1. Well, I know you weren't talking about me doing wall murals. I haven't touched a paint brush in a long time. A mallet is more my thing. Hope you like your wallet. Thinking about you all a lot. Big hugs to all. Love you.

  2. I know who you're talking about, but I wouldn't do a mural, D. Just paint the walls, and do interesting things to it! You guys did a great job though, B! Amy's room looks great! I'll have to come see in person though. And D, I also like drills and hammers and plyers, but loath chain saws. No, I haven't tried one and I won't! Sorry B, this was to comment your blog, not write a letter to D!
    I was thinking this morning after mom called- it's been almost 12 years since we last saw Opa and Oma. It's still hard knowing they aren't there anymore, isn't it.
    Love you! C


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