Friday, February 5, 2010

Crafting projects

I finally finished the lap afghan I was crocheting. It actually only took me about 3-4 weeks. Its called "Urchins and Limpets" and you can find the free downloadable pattern here:

I had some wool lying at home, so I went with a whole different color mixture. One of my favorite colors is dusty rose, so this is what my lapghan looks like now.

After I finished that, I was looking for something smaller to work on. In an older (1991) crocheting magazine I found an interesting potholder. I find it too bulky to use as a potholder, but it would work as a hot pad. Here it is:

If anyone is interested in the pattern, I could scan it and send it via e-mail.

Even the older magazines still have some usable patterns in them.

The next project I started (last night) is still in progress, but here is a sneak peek. Can anyone see what it will become yet?

There is still time to enter the giveaway from last week, just post a comment on last weeks post. I'll post the winner tomorrow.

Have a good weekend, get a lot of rest and family time in!

For friends in the Chaco, cool down!

For friends up north, snuggle up to a loved one!


  1. Ok...that is way too impressive that you just whipped that out last night. You mention it all casual like, as if that is a perfectly normal thing to whip out in an evening. One more proof you are amazing, girl!


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