Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trip to Asuncion

First of all: Happy Valentine's Day, everybody. The girls decorated our house with red heart shaped ballons. And they wrote clever things on the ballons, too! (Love it:)

And for Valentine's Day, we got a wonderful rain of 60 mm on Friday, and another 70mm while we were in Asuncion, Monday - Tuesday.

This is all we could see sometimes driving the 450 km trip to the capital.

I met this HUGE pig at the gas station at Pozo Colorado. He was enjoying the rain.

Rain over the capital of Paraguay, Asuncion.

I got my hubby to try out a new restaurant: T.G.I.Fridays. The food was great, but we were sitting right next to a group of 14 year-old girls, celebrating a birthday. They were so loud! And rude!

This is a stained glass dome in the hotel we stayed at: Portal del Sol. It was lovely there...

very nice furniture...

nice pools too, but it rained almost the whole time we were in Asuncion.

The reason we went to the capital, was to pick up Marv's uncle from the airport. He only had 1,5 hours delay. Thats ok, if you are used to 12 hour delays. ('member, J?)

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  1. Ah, b, don't remind me! I'm planning another trip, and don't want to think of that possibility!



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