Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A good Tuesday...

Today was a good day.

This morning my friend Shilo, (http://myplaceofpeace.blogspot.com/) came for coffee and a very nice visit. We had a lot of fun, and I got to know her better. Her sons are just the sweetest little redheads you've ever seen.:)

I got some sewing done this afternoon. I'm sewing some curtains for our church in town. They wanted dark curtains to put over the front windows, so that when they use the beamer, it shows up better on the screen. (You all understand, right?:) They must have had the fabric for the curtains in storage or something, because they smell so musty, I'm always sneezing and rubbing my nose! Achooo!

While I was watering the lawn just now, I stepped onto a wasp and it stung me. Man, that hurts!

My mouse (the computer's) died yesterday, so I'm getting the hang of using just the mousepad on my laptop.

I'm writing this post while looking for a new background for my blog. After my scare with having a mammogramm last year, I had a bloglayout with the breast cancer pink bow. Now I'm looking for something that shows my favorite colors or designs. The problem with "The cutest blog on the block" is, they have way too many options to choose from. I'm a little like Goldilocks (though not as cute OR blonde). Some are too wide, some are too dark, I'm looking for the one that is just right.Please feel free to let me know if you like it or not, if it's easy to read, or if there is anything in particular you would like me to post about.


  1. It WAS a good day! Thanks for the special visit. Both my boys enjoyed your rolls for lunch. I was too full to eat lunch! :)
    Sorry about your bee sting!
    I would like to hear more about what it's like to grow up Mennonite, living on the Chaco. :)

  2. I love the colors of the new blog look. It´s easy to read and not too cluttered.
    I´m glad you and Shilo have become such good friends. She is always inspiring! :)
    Have a good Wednesday!


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