Friday, April 9, 2010

Got some new books:)

Hi y'all!
I've been a regular at our post office for the last few weeks. I joined Bookmooch a few months ago and have been waiting (very impatiently) for the first books to arrive. I sent out a few already, the furthest even went to Japan! (That cost me 40.000.-Gs = 8.5 $)
I received one book pretty fast, because it came from a bookmoocher living close by. Then the packages started coming in, every week I think there were 2 packages usually containing 2 books. And I finally got the book I was waiting for the most: The Romance of Paula Vaughan. It's not a romance novel, but a crafting book filled with things you can make with the beautiful paintings of Paula as an inspiration.

I want to sew this quilt again. I made it 5 years ago, almost exactly the same colors as in the picture, but this time I want the main color to be cream or beige.

This morning when I went to the post office, the lady working there asked if I was enjoying sewing this week. I thought that was kind of wierd, so I asked her why. She said she had seen the contents written on my package and it said needlecraft or something. I was very surprised, I thought postal workers weren't supposed to comment on what they see at work, or is this appropriate in other countries?

Well, anyway... the other postal worker saw us talking and handed me another package that had just come in. It was the book I'd ordered from Booksneeze. If you look on the right sidebar of my blog, you will see the link for Booksneeze. This is a website from Thomas Nelson publishing house. They offer free books in exchange for a review of each book on your blog or website. The book I received today is my forth and it's called: Rick & Bubba's big honkin' book of grub.

I thought it would be a recipe book, but it's much more fun than that. I'll try to quote some of the book from time to time, while you all wait for my review.

Rick and Bubba's Weight Loss Tips:

Tip # 1: Before weighing yourself, always put the turkey down first.

Tip # 2: Never put both feet on the scale.

Tip # 3: Before weighing yourself, remove shoes, jewelry, and any dental fillings that may be adding to your weight.

Tip # 4: Better yet, when the nurse isn't looking, "accidentally" fall against the scale, sliding the metal gauge down about ten pounds.

Tip # 5: Buy bigger belts.

Tip # 6: Only put three scoops of bacon bits on your salad.

Tip # 7: Drop all your skinny friends. Only hang around people who are larger than you. (Note from me: that's mean!)

Tip # 8: Jog instead of walking to your refrigerator.

Tip # 9: All 31 flavors will not fit on a single ice cream cone. You have to choose. Deal with it.

Tip # 10: Limit your intake of white flour. Wait until it's in a loaf of bread. It tastes better.

Thats all for today, thanks for letting me ramble about my reading addiction,... or am I addicted to getting packages in the mail?
If that's the case, who will send me a care package full of candy and chocolate from the U.S. or Canada?:)

(P.S. The quote is from a friendship book I received, and the picture I took on my walk today and edited it with Picasa 3)


  1. Waiting for one of your books to read - but you know how picky I am! Enjoy them!!! Very nice picture, but you still don't have that new camera - did you do that with your phone?
    Have a good weekend! Love ya!

  2. Happy VGNO! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your wonderful comments! You actually MAKE quilts like that? Oh my - said in admiration from a woman who can barely thread cotton onto a needle.

    Nice to meet you - you have an interesting life in Paraguay. I am English, lived in Ireland and Belgium before moving to the US but have never lived anywhere "exotic".

  3. Wow, beautiful quilt, and you made one like it?

    I am a book hoarder and have been trying to quit :-}

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Have you shown a picture of your quilt? (I have a fuzzy memory that you have.) If not, please do. If you have... show it again! ;->

    Happy VGNO you wonderfully creative woman!

  5. Name your chocolate. Don't just say any kind. You get quite a few of them over there. I'll try to send you something, or I'll buy it and it'll be ready to go when someone's travelling south. If it lasts that long. Glad you're finding ways to feed your habit. I'm collecting Clive Cussler books and I already have a cookbook collection again.
    Love you like crazy.

  6. I'm on bookmooch too and just got my latest from Singapore yesterday. I LOVE getting mail and reading books....wonderful concept!

    That quilt is incredible and I love the picture that you took on your walk. What a creative person you are.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Love that quilt! Did you sell the one you already made? I would NEVER have the patience to finish something so big! :)
    I agree with you about the post office lady! They are just a little bit too nosy for my liking! At the very least they shouldn´t mention it.

  8. Yeah for packages!!!!! Hugs and have a great weekend!

  9. Those tips are awesome!! What is Bookmooch? I'll definitely be checking out the other one you mentioned. I love books! Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier tonight!


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