Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts and Pics

I'm participating in the linking party with the Un Mom, titled Random Tuesday Thoughts. My blog friend Stacy (the random cool chick) is on there too, so I decided to try. So if you want to check out other bloggers random thoughts go here:


1. Random thought: I love getting pedicures. It's still a luxury for me, so I just get my nails done every few months. (I use to wear only closed shoes, because I was embarassed about my feet. Look how far I've come:)

2. Random thought: I love sunset and harvest pictures. 2-in-1 photo here: Sesame stacks and the sunset.

3. Random thought: It was Amy's soccer tournament last week. Even though she doesn't like gym, she loves vollyball and soccer. I watched them win 12 - 1. YAY! (She's the goalie.)

Isn't that the look of triumph?

4. Random thought: I love cats. And finally after begging like crazy, (me- not the kids) my dear husband allowed us to get another cat, to keep me and Eskimo company.

The little stinker's name is Grayson. If I leave him outside, he'll come crawling up the window screen, meowing for me to help him down and watch him play.

Hope you all had fun looking at my thoughts of the day. Come back again soon.
P.S. I just found out today, that there are only 3 bloggers in the Chaco:
and me:).
We should establish a club! L"
(Someone, please tell me how to place a link underneath a name!)


  1. That cat picture is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! I love it!
    If you don't already use it, I highly recommend Windows Live Writer for doing your blog posts. It is so easy to use and you can make your pictures bigger really easy! And links are easy too!
    See you soon!
    Member three of the blog trio! :) You and Betty are one and two since you were here blogging before I was! :)

  2. I´ll show you how to make the link, if you want to come by. Thanks for the "linky love". I sure hope this blogging catches on too!
    Congrats to your daughters team for winning! She does look happy. :)

  3. Enjoyed your thoughts. Loved the pics, too!

  4. Happy belated blogoversary! Cute toes!

  5. my toenails are still virgin. love you sis.


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