Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rodeo Trebol

or like my nephew calls it: "deo Trebol"
Every year in August the three colonies in the Chaco prepare a week-long fair/rodeo/expo thing called Rodeo Trebol. I mentioned it in earlier posts, so you know that our girls (and I) were excited to go.
We saw him:
 Then we saw him or her, I'm not sure:)

 She is so pretty!

Sorry, these weren't the only animals at the rodeo, but the only ones where I remembered to take a picture with my phone.

We also went to the stand with the pets, chickens, doves, a peacock, more chickens and finally: rabbits.:)

Brianna picked a cute little guy. His name is Skip-Bo. He's not fully grown yet, and he has the softest fur you can imagine!

And this shy girls name is Beauty. Cindy picked her out. So sweet!!


Cindy and Amy each picked out a T-shirt at the stand from our church's youth group.

Brianna is modeling this T-shirt for Amy.:)

And, last but not at all the least,... here's the surprise I was writing about on Monday. I bought this:  

I'm very, very happy and excited to finally own my very own digital camera! I can't wait to make all the wonderful pictures that were floating in my head, and wouldn't come out :) I won't go professional (like my bro-in-law, Hansi) but I don't have to borrow my parent's cam whenever I want better photos than my 2 mp phone and 4 mp second-hand polaroid.

I wish that everyone has a super weekend and I'll see you again for Meet-me-on-Monday!

P.S. You might want to know what Marv bought? He treated us to ice cream at the rodeo and supper at my fav restaurant in town later on!


  1. mmmmh love spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce!

    cute bunnies by the way....someday I want to get some too.
    have a nice weekend!

  2. You got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee! so happy for you! See you on Tuesday!


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