Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun-Run 2010

This was before we started our 7 km fun-run this afternoon.
Note that we are smiling, except for me, because someone passed on the street and I had to see who it was:) From left to right: Rosella, me, Carola

This was afterwards. We finished the 7 km in our personal record of 55 minutes. YES! Thank you, Mom, C and your girls for cheering us on. I wouldn't have (maybe) made it without you:) (And yes, we are still smiling!)

Char is one of my missionary friends here. She jogged the whole race, so we were actually walking in her dust (except that it wasn't dusty:) She started the race listening to Nivaclé (Indian language she is learning), but switched to some music with a beat to jog to! She and her son both participated!

 Anna is my daughters friend, she received a trophy for second place in her category. Her brother and her mom (who you can see in the upper left corner) also took second place trophies home! Congrats, Christel!

This picture is kinda gross, but I really want to show you the pain I went through to finish this event! I have a blister on two toes that are almost as big as my toe. Anyone know a home remedy? Like maybe breakfast in bed and some chocolate?


  1. Good Job!! I will never be running in a marathon, but have great respect for those who do.

    I'm all for the breakfast in bed and chocolate - maybe chocolate breakfast in bed?

  2. Congrats on your fun-run and the souvenirs that go with it! Just did a quick check and here is some good advice on how to treat a blister. Clean around it first. Sterilize a needle and drain it, but keep the skin on to prevent infection.

    Hope it heals fast!

  3. Yuck, Blister! Yes, you would have made it without us! I think I should grab your oldest and start walking with her - practice for next year, you know - but then who would babysit while we're out walking??? It's just a no win situation!
    But I will join you next year!
    I'm proud of you!
    C and my girls!

  4. Way to go! Glad you got to see Char! :)
    The last little bit was too cute about breakfast in bed and chocolate! :)
    Love you! See you Tuesday!

  5. Congratulations! Maybe next year I´ll join you. Maybe. :)

  6. I only thought you'd need Band-aids if you walked to my farm! Poor feet!
    Breakfast in bed and chocolate sound like winners to me.
    Congratulations on doing what you set out to do. Yeah, Brenda!

  7. Congratulations on the accomplishment. You definitely deserve some chocolate!

  8. Way to go, Brenda!!!! That's a great way to start off the spring.

  9. Brenda I'm so proud of you!

    Sorry about the blister though. I do believe you're on the right track with your home remedy of breakfast in bed and chocolate ;->

  10. So proud of you!
    Careful with that blister though, gotta treat those hooves well, they'll be carrying you around for quite a while!

    Lot's of love


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