Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I won an award!!!

As many of you know, some bloggers are awarded for their blogs. This is not my goal for blogging, but I appreciate it, if someone likes my blog enough to award me with a award button. Patrice over at Everyday Ruralty sent me a message this week, that she had awarded my blog:) I just got to know Patrice through Java's meme: "Meet me on Monday" and loved her country blogging style. She made me drool with her pictures of picking apples and pears!

I would like to forward this award to the following 11 blogs!

1. Shilo is one of my close friends in real life! She moved to Paraguay a little over a year ago and I have gotten to know and cherish her in this past year. You'll find her inspiring blog here: http://myplaceofpeace.blogspot.com/

2. Betty is a blogger that I also know in real life. Her blog describes her journey through her 40's, empty nesting and caring for aging parents. I've learned so much from her posts. She's taking a break from blogging now, but I hope she'll start again some day. http://glimpseintomidlife.blogspot.com/

3. My aunt is also a blogger and I'm so proud to have an author of various books as my relative. T. Dora's blog is here:  http://doradueck.wordpress.com/

4. The girls over at "Mennonite Girls can cook" deserve more than an award. I'd like to give them a hug for all of the delicious recipes they have been posting so regularly. Find them here: http://mennonitegirlscancook.blogspot.com/

5. While we're already looking at recipe blogs, I can't forget to mention Bakerella. She's famous in blogland! Check out her cakepops and all the other delish stuff she has on her blog: http://www.bakerella.com/

6. Cake Wrecks is hilarious! It makes me look like a professional cake decorater! http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/

7. Donna lives in a house on a corner. I also met her through Meet me on Monday, and we have a lot of things in common. I love her picture on her blog title:) http://donnashouseonthecorner.blogspot.com

8. Weezer is one of my sweetest commenters! She's having surgery this week and she can use our prayers. Check her blog out here: http://weezershaven.blogspot.com

9. Ann's blog is one of the first I ever followed. Her Virtual-Girls-Night-Out meme was the first I ever participated in, even before I knew how to pronounce "meme":) (sounds like "dream") http://www.annagainandagain.com/

10. Ellen is sweet and smart. I like that she researched an "urban legend" the other day, it made me start thinking about not believing everything I read on blogs! Thanks, Ellie http://ellieisanewthing.blogspot.com/

11. Julie is a fellow paraguayan. She's a missionary living in the southern part of Paraguay, and I love reading about her family and work with the people of Paraguay. http://juliespages.blogspot.com/

Those of you who receive this:

1. Post the award on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2. Award it to 15 other bloggers.

3. Contact those blog owners and let them know.
Sorry for not nominating 15 blogs, as I was supposed to. I hope you take the time to check out some of my blogging friends some time. 

Hugs, from Paraguay, Brenda


  1. Dear Brenda,

    Have I told you that I have a best friend named Brenda? She just moved away though...

    Thanks for the award. It's going to take me a few days to write about it though. My husband is painting the office, so I prepared tomorrow and Thursday's blogs a little early...

    Right now my desk chair is in the guest room, and I'm kneeling to type. So, this is long enough!

    Thanks again,

  2. I've been wondering how meme was pronounced! haha! THanks!

  3. I just read Cake Wrecks for the first time. I'm sore from laughing. My husband even came inside when he heard three of the girls and me laughing loudly. He joined us and laughed right along with us. It makes me feel like a master baker!

  4. Thanks for the award Brenda! I´ll be back to blogging, but I´m still enjoying my break. I do appreciate an award and the "shout out" here!

  5. Oh Brenda! I am so honored to be included in this group - THANK YOU!!!

    (And, Carolee received the rock yesterday :-> On and on it goes!)

  6. What an honor; I'm so humbled, Brenda. These days I don't have much time to blog, but I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Someday I hope we can actually meet!

  7. Brenda!!! Thank you soooooo much!! I'm so honored that you thought of me and I can't wait to pass it along!!


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