Sunday, September 12, 2010

Silent Sunday, September so far...

Bottle tree, getting ready for spring

My green pepper smiled at me

Back-to-school cookies for a children's day care center

Lady Gak-Gak and her 11 chicklets

A foggy morning this week

Helping my hubby at the corral

Momma cow and calf through the thorn tree

2 of our Brahman bulls

The trees are starting to bloom, cows see it too:)

This cows expression cracked me up!


  1. The last picture looks like the cow is in deep thought!

  2. Love the photos, so different from what I see out my window and on my daily travels.

    I wish you lived closer, I'd beg you to teach me to sew...

  3. What a beautiful series of pictures! You are blessed with all the richness of the earth. Good farm, good family and happiness.

  4. LOVE the pics! Our turkeys are sitting on 13 eggs right now and we are so excited for them to hatch.

  5. Oh these photos are wonderful1 The brahmans are amazing! THIS is totally why I love blogging. To "meet" people in very different lifestyles and surroundings is so fun and exciting!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, fellow BSer! Ha!

  6. Un petit bonjour de France
    I love lady Gak Gak !!!!
    And the green pepper is so funny !
    City700 (from swapbot)


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