Friday, February 18, 2011

February photos

Hello my friends! I'm finally finding some time to share some pictures and info from me and my family.
These are just some random images from this month. Hope you enjoy them!

Brianna loves playing with our German Shepherd, but because he is aggresive towards strangers, we keep him on the chain during the day. This was taken in the morning, before Chester was tied up for the day.

Marv thinks we need more pets, so he found this dove (chick, baby?) and brought it home. In the beginning Cindy was its prime caretaker, feeding her 4 times a day and cleaning out her box. But now Cindy is in the dorm and Brianna in school, so guess who gets to feed this ugly duckling? And enjoying it:)

This is my wonderful, beautiful, hardworking, Pfaff in action. I sewed sheets and pillowcases for the girls to use in the dorm. At least no one will have the same ones:)

I can't wait to embellish a baby blanket or something with these cute turtles!
My nephews came over to play. They are NOT  playing with dolls, but playing with TOYS.:)

Nicole and Brianna however are playing with Barbies. Brianna has half of the living room for a barbie city!

My cats taking a siesta together. Finally they started to accept the other one, and only fight when one gets his food before the other.
This is the baby dove, a few days later. The girls named her Peepsi. Her feathers are starting to grow out here.
Sunday school graduation last sunday. Our village and a neighboring village preformed a skit and a song. So funny: the youngest Sundayschool student was singing with half closed eyes and dancing to the music:) Amy was accompaning the group on the guitar, and Cindy and Brianna were also singing.
Brianna on her second day of school. (We did take pictures on the first day, but you could see the stress shining through, so I decided to take some on the next day)
This is how big Peepsi is this morning, I have my second cup of coffee while feeding her and watching the news on TV, which I never do otherwise!

Thanks for dropping in to see my blog. I need to prepare some stuff for supper now, my parents are coming for a simple bbq:)

Take care and come again!


  1. Coole Fotos! Beschau mir immer sehr gerne Dein Blog! :) Besonders das Bild mit Brianna und Chester ist wunderschön und das "Täubchen" auch :) Liebe Grüße Julia :)

  2. Fancy machine...mine's still just sitting there! (But I do have a three day weekend starting right about now, so...)

  3. We have a German Shepherd too. She came from a bad home before we got her and she doesn't like strangers. I don't think I've ever seen a bird like that. Dove here look quite different. They have thin pointed beaks.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Interesting photos of your part of the world and your family life!

  5. Thanks for sharing! would love to join my parents going to your place! Hope you have a great evening, and good luck with the dufche.

  6. I love your new header, Brenda!!! Your machine is too cool.... Hope you have a great rest of the month.

  7. Wonderful photos of your family life! German Shepards are one of the most loyal dogs! Blessings, Kathleen

  8. Brenda, thanks for sharing your life and your family & love the new machine!

  9. Hello. Just stumbled across your blog. Just wanted to let you know I thought your blog button was cute and put it on my one blog. Thanks for sharing.


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