Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cattle and kids

We slept in this morning, and after a leisurely drink of "mate" (a hot tea made with the yerba mate leaves, check it out on Wiki: and breakfast, Marvin, the girls and I went to our piece of land outside the village, about 6 km from out house.

We saw the hay bales that my cousin made for us last week. The cattle was all on one place, except for two cows. One had just had a calf at night and all was well with her and baby. The other one was sick, so Marv herded her over to the corral and gave her some injections against "tick-fever" (Sorry, Sister-married-to-a-Veterinarian, i don't know the real name of the sickness).

The girls played with water from the trough. It was a nice and peaceful morning. The bottletree in the photo is a typical tree of the paraguayan Chaco. They don't grow like this anywhere elso on earth. I think they are my sister, Andrea's, favorite tree. Have a great Sunday, all of you!


  1. WOW what amazing pictures! it looks so peaceful there! & I drink yerba mate tea everyday! I buy it at my local health food store it's called "holy mate", I'm reading the box right it says, "Yerba Mate is South America's "Gift from the Gods" teheheh is this true?

  2. p.s. I added the blogfrog & found it was'nt accurate, like 10 people from my friends had stopped by & it only showed 2..? so I took it off..maybe I'll add it again, since you added one LOL! ;)

  3. I just went to the wikipedia, that is AMAZINg wow! that cup/straw looks so cool! do you speak spanish?


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