Saturday, June 20, 2009

After the party...

All the company is gone, the kids are in bed. We had a really good barbecue tonight. I just felt so sorry for my nephew and niece, both had fevers and were not feeling good at all. After my sister and her family left, Amy played the guitar for my parents and Marvin and me. Brianna and Cindy went to finish their DVD.

This picture was taken a few years ago, but it captures my Dad so well. Always taking time for the grandchildren. He was explaining something about a turtle to Brianna, our youngest.

My husband Marvin is in this picture, he doesn't want the whole blog world to see him, so i picked out a picture where you can't see him that well. This was taken a few years ago as well, when our village was practically cut off from civilisation (unless you had 4-wheel-drive) for a week or so.

So these are the most important men in my life right now (as we don't have any sons), and i wish them both a very happy Father's Day and that God may help them being the best fathers they can be.

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty. ~Author Unknown

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  1. aww wow I love this post & pictures!! the one of your hubby is SO neat it looks so beautiful there!


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