Saturday, June 20, 2009


I had such a busy day yesterday. In the morning i cleaned the whole house. At 2 pm I drove to the church in town and started making sandwiches for the ladies meeting. Our church hosted the yearly event this time and about 300 women attended. We had a speaker from Asuncion (Lynette Funk) and she talked to us about our image before people and before God. I couldn't listen to that, because i was in the basement getting the food ready with some other women. After the programm was over upstairs, we served coffee, sandwiches, empanadas, quiche and a lot of cake to the ladies. What a bad day to wear high heels to church!! I have blisters on top of blisters. But i thought it would be cold, than i could have worn pants and different shoes. We are having temperatures up to 34 C the last few days -> middle of winter down here, remember? The weather is supposed to change this weekend, maybe even some rain:)

Marv and I invited my parents and my sister and her family for a BBQ tonight for Father's Day. My sisters (2 in Canada, 1 here) and I got really nice present made for my Dad. I'll take a picture tonight and try to post it later.

Now, i wish everyone a great weekend and a special time with their Dad's and husbands! This following picture is for you all!

Bring the weekend on:

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  1. AWW wow sounds like you had fun!! I came up with an idea yesterday while I was out, tell me whatcha think! so I had been gone all day as well & by the time I got to the car from shopping, my feet started hurting so I decided that I had been gone for about 5+ I am going to write on the bottom of those shoes I know how long I can tolerate them! LOL (I think I'll make a blog post about it!) anywho wow it's winter there & summer does this work?? LOL HAPPY FATHER"S DAY to you & your family can't wait to see pics! love ya!


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