Sunday, July 19, 2009

Slow and easy Sunday

No church today, so we slept in and had a nice long Mate (hot tea with Yerba Mate leaves). Cindy had a friend over and my Dad and his brother from Canada came for Terere. Later Marvin and Amy went to check on the cattle, Cindy and her friend played on Polyvore, and Brianna and I watched a movie.

For lunch Marvin made steaks on the grill. Yummy! I tried out 2 new recipes yesterday: Marble Sheet cake and Maple Twists, you can find the recipes here:

So that was dessert! I just love looking for new recipes on the web!
(The pictures are from the websites, but mine looked just like it and my camera isn't that professional in taking indoor food pictures:)

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  1. sounds like a relaxing day & those desserts look yummy!


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