Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things I dislike...

  • I do not like sand (on the beach its ok, but not on my floors)

  • I do not like baby powder, cornstarch, mandioka-flour or old-book-dust on my hands, face or anywhere else on my body.

  • I do not like touching chalk.

  • I do not like dry, dusty things.

Now that you know this from me, you can tell I am not a happy person today. The strong, warm north wind, that is typical for the winter in Paraguay, has struck again, leaving me with a headache and a dusty house.

All day yesterday, and all through the night and up till now (9:15 am) the wind blows. I would like to put up sprinklers all over the yard and on the dirt road that leads through our village.

But,... as I do not want to whine on my blog, I will try to cheer myself and others up with a picture my brother-in-law took and that i edited in Photoshop:

Maybe i should go outside (with goggles on) and help the girls get that old kite up in the air....

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  1. aww well, it's ok to whine sometimes :) I love photo editing, tis one is the fave I like to do b&w with color, great job! xoxo


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