Wednesday, July 22, 2009

El Dacabran

El Dacabran: my Dad's Ranch

The name of the Ranch consists of the names of my Mom (Elsie) and the names of my three sisters and mine. Dani, Caroline, Brenda (me) and Andrea.
My parents, my aunt and uncle, Brianna and I went to the ranch this morning. Mom wanted to butcher 12 chickens and Dad and my uncle went to check on the cattle. My aunt and I helped butcher the chickens, and yes, my dear sisters reading this, I did get dirty. And also a lot of ucky gunk underneath my fingernails. :)
It's always relaxing there. No phones (at least my phone doesn't have any service there), no tv, no internet,... etc.

They do have live entertainment there: the horses, for example. The worker went to get them herded in, and then they came pounding into the yard! They really are beautiful. Sorry about the light in this photo, but I really wanted to catch them running!
Brianna found a puppy that she wanted to play with, but she wasn't supposed to cuddle with him to much. He's going to grow up to become a "mean" watchdog, that chases pumas up the trees.
So she played with the goats. Later on she asked me if she could, pretty please, take just one billy goat home with us. Umm, .... NO!

And then there was this guy...
I just had to get this shot, nearly cried while taking it, thinking of my oldest sister... Not that she looks or smells like this fellow, but because she works with his relatives. I miss you, Dani!
Tomorrow we are going on a family field trip with Marvins side of the family. Taking my camera along, check out the blog on Friday.


  1. WOW, that ranch sounds lovely & The horses runiing in the light is fantastc! brianna is a doll! can't wait to check it out Friday :)

  2. Yes Brenda, I do smell like him sometimes. Especially if my hair is wet. I smell like a wet dog. It's a dirty job, but I get to bring home the bacon. Ha,ha, get it? Bring home the bacon, literally. Love you sis.

  3. I'm glad you had a good time, even or especially that you got gunk under your fingernails. did you get any chicken blood or guts on your face? That would have been a worthy picture wouldn't it!
    Love you!!!


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