Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can't think of a title....

After last weeks excitement, this week started pretty tame.

We brought the baby and her mother home, and they are doing well. The baby girls's name is Ercelina.

I went to drink terere with my sister, C, this morning. Her boys are just hilarious! Check out the clip:

Jopi & Stiti's tricycle stunt.

( I don't know why this picture is showing double here, sorry 'bout that)

No one was harmed during the filming of this clip, nor were the any stunts done by profesional stuntmen. This is the real thing!!!

P.S. Just reminding you, that there is still time to enter in my blog-giveaway. Just comment on last weeks post.


  1. Oh, the guys loved seeing their stunt. Have to play it again and again and again...
    Love ya!

  2. Is it showing double on your screen?

  3. Looks like a healthy baby! :)
    I'll have to show the stunt men clip to Gabe. He'll get a kick out of that!

  4. looks like something my boys would do. I'll show them the clip when they come back from school. love you all.

  5. beautiful babay! loved ur giveaway, should do it again!
    thanx also for the recipe....def will try it soon.


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