Friday, October 9, 2009

An exciting morning and my first giveaway

Are you all curious yet?

First I want to tell you how my day began.

At 3 am our indian tractor driver knocked on our window and said that we had to take his daughter-in-law to the hospital. In their culture it's very common for 15 year olds to "get married" and live with either of the couples parents, until they find work somewhere else. So Marvin took Adriano and Susanna to the hospital. There he found out, that she hadn't had a single check-up since they got together, and the insurance would not pay for her to have her baby there.

They left her at the hospital and I called in at 7 am and asked how she was. The nurse said labor is very slow, so if we wanted to, we could pick her up again and take her to the goverment mother/child hospital at Villa Choferes, 20 km from town. I took my Mom along, just in case. I was so scared I would have to look for scissors and hot water along the way(thats what they always asked for in the old movies), but everything worked out ok till there. We left her in care of the doctor there and left him my cell number to call me when the baby came.
Marvin needed Adriano and his father to plant peanuts, they couldn't really stay there with her. Mom and I had just gotten back to town, when the nurse called and said, Susanna is trying to run away from the hospital, she doesn't understand a word of spanish and they couldn't keep her there (without a court order {did I understand that right?}). So I promised the nurse we would try to find the girls mother or we would send Adriano over. I called Marvin, and he drove to Villa and took the young papa-to-be there.

Juan (grandpa) called us a few minutes ago and told us the baby was born around noon.

That was my morning in a nutshell:)

Now for the surprise:
I'm giving away a crochet handbag with matching cellphone bag. I made this bag for the craftshow a few months ago, and would really like to give it to someone that appreciates the work that goes into crafting.

Eskimo was very willing to model the bag for us! He said he wanted his salary in cat food.

  • Everyone that leaves me a comment on this post enters in the giveaway.
  • Anyone who comments and also follows my blog gets two entries.
  • If the winner is outside of Paraguay, I will send the bag in the mail with a little souvenir (recuerdo) of Paraguay along with it.
  • If the winner lives in Paraguay, I will send the bag with some fresh baked goodies along with it.
  • I will notify the winner and ask for the address then.

In one week, the 16. of October, I will put all the names in a hat and draw the lucky winner.

So now I wish you all a great weekend and good luck in my giveaway!

P.S. The baby in the picture is not Adriano and Susanna's baby. But cute anyway!


  1. love the happy for u that everything went well and u didn{t need scissors and hot water:).
    I love to read I have been following yours. That is a very beautiful handbag and cellphone bag u made....and I know how much work and effort goes into making such things! Love ur enter me! Can{t wait to see who wins. seems like a fun idea!

  2. hi brenda, i have followed your blog for sometime, smile, hey thats a cute baby, glad you didnt have to deliver it, firsts can be difficult especially if the mom is so young, have a great week, love the bag.... Barb.Boschmann

  3. Well, I guess you can add "almost midwife" to your list of Who Am I? :) And expert baker and um...lovely friend!
    I just HAVE to know...did you pick that picture for the cute baby or the uber cute rag weave blanket? :)
    Great giveaway too!

  4. Whew! At first, I thought you were going to give-away that cute little baby. Very tempted to enter that give-away, but I'll enter the purse one instead! Love ya!

  5. Wunderschöner Blog!! Tolle Fotos! Interresant zum beschauen! Besonders die vom Rally sind cool, aber die anderen auch! Wünsch euch noch einen schönen Tag!
    Liebe Grüsse Julia

  6. Wow, 15 and having a baby. I guess I can't knock other cultures. Anyway, I stopped by last week and love your blog. I'll be back. Have a great VGNO and weekend.

  7. Oooh I love babies! You have a skill with croceting too (sp?) Id love to win this! HAppy vgno!

  8. Hey Sis
    I check your blog everyday, and am glad to see every new entry. Love the story. Hope the family is doing well. Love your giveaway idea. I hope to set up my Bastelecke soon.
    Love you like crazy!

  9. You have certainly had a busy day! I'm glad the baby was born safely.

    You are so talented with your crocheting. Beautiful purse!

    Happy VGNO!

  10. Purple is my VERY FAVORITOUS color!

    And I would LOVE a souvenior...

    I'm also a follower.

    Thanks for sharing- what wonderful stories!

  11. I love reading your blog it gives me a whole different perspective. If it were up to Kahuna we would camp out on your front porch :)

    Happy VGNO oh and congratulations on your tractor driver's granddaughter. Be sure to show us pictures...we love babies.

  12. Congratulations to Adriano and Susanna. That was a pretty amazing story!

    Your bag is lovely. I would be thrilled to call it my own! :)

    I'm a follower, btw.


  13. It's fun to read your blog, sis! I couldn't find your Gangsta Hamsta, though :)
    Glad everything went well with the baby!
    And your give-away idea is really neat.
    Etch si di gout!

  14. October 16 is my birthday! Couldnt this be a sign that it is meant to be mine???? Your story was great! -char

  15. I hope mom & baby are doing ok. It's so interesting to read about people's experiences in other parts of the world.

    Just stopping by a little late to wish you a Happy VGNO!

  16. das ist eine sehr interesantes erlebnis und das baby ist sehr schoen!

  17. Hallo,super sieht das aus,Eskimo gehört doch mit der Tasche zusammen oder(Ha ha)


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