Thursday, October 8, 2009

New look for my blog

Hello, dear friends following me!

Spring has arrived to the Chaco. We had a great little rain on Tuesday till Wednesday. 40 mm in all here, not much, but a great start!

And because I'm in a spring-mood, I transformed my blog layout to something more fresh and green. I know that the people up in the northern hemisphere might think I've gone crazy, but the seasons are opposite in the south, ok?

I would also like to announce my first giveaway. If everything works out right, I'll be posting about that tomorrow. And I will keep the gift a secret until then, too. So, whoever is reading this today, check in again tomorrow for details.

This is a Paratodo tree in full bloom a few weeks ago, somehow it knew it would receive rain soon. God is good to us!


  1. I'm looking forward to reading your blog tormorrow! Won't want to miss the fun......joni

  2. what happened to Gangsta Hamsta?

  3. Dear Anonoymous, Gangsta Hamsta went to a his friends house. But if you miss him, he'll be back! Love ya, J!

  4. are design blogs too?????? Looks great! Love you!

  5. Hey, good-looking! Could you make your font a little larger due to the fact that I'll be needing glasses soon if I read your blog to closely. Or maybe I should just stop reading between the lines??
    Nice look, though! The rain made me have all sorts of spring-y thoughts too!
    Love ya! C

  6. Thank you for increasing the font size - you do aim to please, don't you! C


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