Thursday, October 22, 2009

Survey for my sister

Who wants to help my big sister, Daniela?

As some of you know, my parents have 4 daughters, A,B,C and D. A is the youngest, and D(aniela) is the oldest. Daniela is awesome. She and her husband moved to Canada a few years ago. They have two boys, ages 13 and 12. (Super well-behaved boys, btw. They even bought her flowers for her birthday this year)

Daniela has had various jobs over the last few years. She was head wrangler (horses) at a christian camp, she was a cook for a mennonite museum, she was a ....what would you call, she worked at a pig-raising farm, taking care of the sweetest piglets you've even seen. This week she took on another challenge and started her job as a church secretary. I wish you all the best, D, for your new job.

Dani, as we call her, started school again last year. She always wanted to finish high school and now she's taking night classes to finish grade 12. I am so proud of her! (Kleenex, please)

She asked me if I could help her on an english project she's doing, and of course, if your oldest sister needs your help, you help her! And I love doing it, too. She wants me to post a survey on my blog and would like my readers to answer this survey and send it back to her. She needs at least 20 responses and it has to get to her by Tuesday (Oct. 27). Who will help? You can send in your responses to:

Thanks, everyone!

Here's the survey: (copy and paste to your email programm)

Hobby and Handicraft Expo Survey

Please complete the following survey about your interest and knowledge of hobbies and crafts.

What is your gender? Please check one.
___ Male ___ Female

How old are you?
___ < 18 ___ 19 – 25 ___ 26 – 35 ___ 35 – 45 ___ over 46
Do you have a hobby? Please check all that apply.
___ Scrap booking ___ Bird watching ___ Other
___ Gardening ___ Painting ______________
___ Photography ___ Models (e.g. airplanes, ships)
___ R/C cars/airplanes ___ Stamp/Coin collecting
Do you make crafts? Please check all that apply.
___ Knitting/Crocheting ___ Sewing ___ Other
___ Baking/Cooking ___ Jewellery _____________
___ Woodwork ___ Needlework
___ Pottery ___ Card making
How many hours do you spend on your craft/hobby? Please check one.
___ < 1 hour ___ 2 – 4 hours ___ 5 – 10 hours ___ More
How much money do you spend on your craft/hobby a year?
___ < $50 ___ $50 - $100 ___ $100 - $200 ___ More
Have you ever shown your work?
___ if yes, where?______________ ___ No
Would you be interested in showing your work in a non-professional way?
____ Yes ____ No
Where do you buy your supplies?
___ Steinbach: Where?________ ___ Winnipeg: Where?_______
Thank you for taking time to fill out this survey.


  1. Did the survey! :) On the craft section, I put that you do all my sewing! :)

  2. Bient, you're the best. Thanks so much for doing this and thanks for the kind words. I miss you soooo much. (oops, have to wipe the tears from the computer). Blessings to you and your bunch.
    love D


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