Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Book review: Faces in the Fire, by T.L. Hines

Book review of "Faces in the Fire"

When I choose this book to read and do a review about, I hadn't read the byline: a noir bizarre story. This book was very challenging for me to read, because:
- The chapters are not in the right order. The book starts with chapter 34. I was trying to find out why, when I noticed, that it's written in an easier order to read, then in chronological order.
- The characters are very strange for me. I've never met drug addicts or professional killers quite this way in books before
- I kept thinking, this was a Christian book, but it never really showed the way of salvation according to the bible, but rather each character had to find his/her own way out of his/her own mess in life
- After reading the book, I still don't get the plot.
There are 4 people described in this book, after you're done the book, you find out there were only 3. It's all very confusing. A catfish shows up in each of their lives, and I'm still trying to figure out the meaning that this fish has for them.

The characters were very well described. You get to know them pretty good, by the time their part in the story is over.

I was a little disappointed by the book, but maybe just because I was looking for a Christian message in it, and not just word pictures.

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