Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Praying for miracles

Last week has been very hard on a lot of us here in the paraguayan Chaco.

One of my good friends, Shilo, started losing her sight in her left eye, and had to go to Asuncion for further testing and help to regain her sight. We've been praying so hard and we really want to trust in the Lord that he can work a miracle there.

It still hasn't rained and our cattle is starting to get hungry. For now we have some feed reserves and thankfully water, too. But not everyone is able to feed their cattle and the situation in the Chaco is becoming very critical.

The temperatures have been up to 46C/116F this week and still no hope for rain.

Today we are celebrating the anniversary of our colony. It's been 79 years since our grandparents left Russia to build up a new hope and home in the hot and dusty Chaco. We are thankful for the freedom we have in this country and pray for the goverment and for our neighbors here (indigenous, paraguayan, brazilian and others). We want to be living testemonies here for the people around us, that we belong to a great God.

Please help me pray for Shilo, for a big rain, for our country!

And on a lighter note, we've been having power failures this last week. And if its 45 C outside, then you really rely on the air conditioning inside. I recieved this photo in an email last week. It explains why the power goes out so often in our region.

(Thanks, Mirjam, for the pic)
In the original picture she sent me, you could see that the masts are playing jump rope. I couldn't get it to jump for my blog:)

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  1. Praying for Shilo!
    And it's been 80 years today since our ancestors got permission to leave Russia. (Nov. 25 1929 left Russia and June 1930 they got here)
    And 25 Nov. 1967 (42 years ago) since M&D got married! Happy Anniversary! C


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