Saturday, November 21, 2009

What I wanted for my birthday...

This is one of the things I really wanted for my birthday...

Or better yet, this:

(My sisters and I. Clockwise from top: Daniela, Me, Andrea and Caroline) This is one of the last pictures of all of us together. Love you all!
If I can't have that, then I'd like this:
I hope everybody has a great weekend! I'm praying for a dear friend and for a great big rain! Will you join me?


  1. I'm not sure why I'm crying, is it because I miss you all soooooo much, or I used to be that skinny. Love you all.

  2. Brenda...I'm all choked up and I'm not your birth sister...just a sister in the Lord. that was so sweet. char

  3. That would be a great birthday gift wouldn't it! And you had to settle for just me... and a pool full of fun and crazy friends, and if you had taken a picture of the "girls" at the pool it would have resembled the second one!
    And since Mom was there, does that mean they were all sista's. You are blessed with all those great friends, B! And so am I, with those friends and you, dear sista! And the other two in the second picture (they don't look that familiar in the first one do they?)
    Love ya! C

  4. That would be a wonderful birthday present. :-)

  5. I'm saying a prayer for some rain for you, I'll send some of our Oregon rain to you as soon as I can! :)

    Happy Birthday & Happy VGNO!


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