Friday, July 23, 2010

New Blog Layout

Bear with me while I try to get my blog cleaned up and choose a layout that I like and that reads well.

Just came back from a delightful evening playing skip-bo with some great ladies:)

Our husbands are practicing for a volleyball tournament, so we get together and play some cards. The kids watch a dvd or drive us crazy, whatever:) But we always have a lot of fun!

Good night, friends!


  1. Have you seen the new blogger templates? That's were I got my new look. They have thousands to choose from and it's pretty easy to work with. You can email me if you are interested - I think I found out about them from Betty? I forget!
    Have a great weekend! Excited to see you on Tuesday!

  2. I just had to redo my blog when CutestBlogontheBlock switched over, and I fould some way-cute stuff on that helped me simplify and tidy things up a bit.

  3. We used to play Skip-Bo all the time! Wonder if I still have it around here?

    I keep playing with my blogs, too! I just switched to WordPress, so have a ton of cool things I can do- just need to decide WHAT to do!


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