Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet me for the seventh edition...

I'm back for Meet Me on Monday. I couldn't participate last week, because we headed out to Asuncion, bright and early last Monday.

Right now, I'm in bed with a very sore throut and general icky-ness. The power just went out, so I'll have to post this a little later, but at least I can type in the dark:)

Java has some great new questions for us to answer and I'm looking forward to bloghopping later on to see what you all wrote.


1. What one food could you eat every single day?

Chocolate, or doesn't that count as food? I also love stir-fry and anything with chicken, broccoli and green tossed salads with a creamy dressing.

2.  Do you wear glasses or contacts?

I have glasses that I sometimes use, but I've noticed that my eyes have gotten better over the last years.

3. What kind of cell phone do you have?

I have a Nokia 6300, but it's starting to act up. I've been dreaming about an Iphone for months, but you can't get them that easy down here in Paraguay.

4. What did you have for dinner last night?

A homemade roll with a slice of sausage, a cup of coffee and a piece of Sigrid's Carrot Cake. (Delish!)

5. What is your favorite candy?

Anything with chocolate. But also Sweet Tarts, Twisters, the minty kind of Livesavers, grape and cherry Tootsie Pops! (Can't get any of that here either, except for chocolate!)

I was writing about Skip-bo last week and was wondering, if anyone has that or other card games they don't need anymore, and would like to send them to me:) I don't have it yet, and can't find it in out book store.

Well, I hope you all have a productive week! It's back to routine for us, as the girls went back to school this morning after a 2 1/2 week vacation. I wanted to get so much done today, but have only managed to send the girls to school (with a breakfast and a snack:), make breakfast for Marv and me, put 1 load of laundry into my new washing machine. (My old one broke down right before we left, and we had to get a new one on Thursday, I love it!)


  1. Well, my goodness. You're in Paraguay? I've never known anybody in Paraguay. From your post you'd think you were right here in Georgia.
    Sounds like somebody needs to send you a love-package of card games and candy!!!
    I'll be a new follower now. Found you through the Meet Me on Monday blog-hop.
    Looking forward to getting to know you and just where Paraguay is.

  2. I'm so sad that you have this nasty sore throat!
    Love the quilt background! So pretty!
    Hugs and get well soon!

  3. The carrot cake looks delicious! I too want an iphone just haven't broken down and got one yet. I am still stuck on my blackberry.

  4. Feel better soon! It's great to meet you!

  5. Sorry but we are actively playing with out skip-bo game - can't part with it. LOVE IT! We're also playing a lot of "500" a version of gin rummy. It's been a while but we also like Mexican Train (dominoes). That one is a serious commitment of time.

  6. Oh I'm sorry to hear you are sick! We missed you last week! I guess I didn't realize you were in Paraguay either! I agree with Weezer that it feels like you are right here with us in the US!! And you do need a care package!! Love that spice cake! Yum!

    Hope you feel better! Love your new background!

  7. Thanks for following and I'm following you as well now! I LOVE REESE'S! I should have added that to my list!

  8. Hope you are feeling better...I agree you need a care package..hmm..come on gals, lets get some skip bo down to Paraguay!

    Thanks for stopping by, always nice to meet a new friend..and we all LOVE chocolate!


  9. Wow Paraguay...a country we hear so little about and I would love to know more. I am with Weezer, we need to send you a few things you can't get over there to make you feel better! Stop by my blog for a chance to win my giveway: & I am following you from Monday Meet You!

  10. I hope someone will send you your care package. There are some really sweet people out there.
    I had a Nokia 6300 before the phone I have now and miss it......
    Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Sorry you are sick. Yes chocolate counts as a food! Have some and maybe you will feel better! Hope so! I am a new follower!


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