Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in our part of the world

Even though Easter falls into our Fall season, we can still enjoy new flowers blooming. These are the first flowers from some bulbs I got from a friend. Everyone who knows me, also knows that I do not have a green thumb, so I really don't even know the name of these beauties:)

The girls are home for almost a week for Easter holidays, so we enjoyed some good Terere-times.
Tip: how you know you have a teenager in the house?
You have to look for your manicure supplies and your daughter's nails look more awesome than your own:)

I did some traditional baking before the holidays. I started with Easter Paska. It's a sweet bread loaf that just tastes like something my Mennonite Oma would make:) Find the recipe here.

 I also tried out Taste of Home's Orange Easter Bunny rolls. They turned out delish!

Sunday morning I hid some goodies and the girls and Marv had to look for them! (I hate looking for stuff, keys, lost library books, eggs, etc) So I'm glad that I'm the official hider, and my husband has to look for the baskets with the girls:)

I'm really not showing off with a quilt in the background, but Cindy's basket really was in the old washing machine on the porch and my quilt was hanging there to dry:)'

They all found their baskets and posed for the camera:)

We had a nice family gathering at my parents house in the afternoon.
Even though my family ganged up on me and tried to tell the grossest stories they knew so that I would gag, etc. But that's what families are for, right?

I hope you all had a great holiday and God bless you and your families!

Love, Brenda (a.k.a. theChacogirl)


  1. I am going to make those rolls one of these days...right now, the kitchen is torn up as my husband is patching nail pops in the ceiling, and I decided dry wall dust wouldn't make a good frosting...

  2. A very blessed Resurrection Day to you! But me, I'LL TAKE the BEAUTIFUL QUILT! And your little Easter bunny buns looks perf!!!

    Bless you back,

  3. Lovely looking desserts! Glad you had your family to share them with ;)

  4. Is that the quilt you made for your bedroom?? I'm so glad you had a beautiful Easter. Ours was special too!! Hugs and miss you!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day and I love hiding the baskets!

  6. Time for a new post. I gave you an award at my blog today. Come and get it. :)

  7. Hey girlfriend, I know things change and are very busy in your corner of the world. Are you still blogging or did you put it on hold? Let me know, I miss your posts! Praying all is well!


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