Saturday, April 16, 2011

Keeping busy

I'm trying to get back in the groove or blogging reguarly, but it's not easy. We're keeping busy with harvest and are very grateful for that.

I made my very first batch of relish last week. You can't buy it anywhere in Paraguay and I remembered it tasting very good from when I was a child in Canada:)

This picture looks kind of wierd:) This is actually a big bowl and not a pail. I grated the cucumbers and the onions (I borrowed Cindy's swim goggles for the onions) and cut up red and green peppers and cut up some frozen cauliflower. Then I cooked it with spices and stuff and canned it.

The jars on the right hand side are full of relish, the others are pickles. I got the recipe for the relish at Mennonite Girls can cook. I left out the mustard seeds and the curry powder as I don't like the taste of that. And I borrowed the Turmeric Powder from my Mom (you cna't get it here).

Here's another new recipe I tried. Everything Bread from Taste of Home. Brianna said it tasted better than cake.
With this recipe I omitted the onion powder. I wanted to be able to put jam on my sandwich!:)
I agree!

I'm sewing new curtains for our old house. We built the house we are in now about 7 years ago, and kept the old homestead house to use as a guesthouse. My husband's cousin is coming from Germany during Easter, so I'm deep-cleaning it and making new curtains and sheets for it.


I won't say "After" because I need to do some more to the room. So this is the "During" photo.

I also sewed a new cover for our blanket. I didn't really want to go with these colors, but I loved the mix of flowers and stripes. And Marv likes it too:)

So, keep checking out my blog for new updates on the B's B&B (Brenda's Bed and Breakfast) and I'll be showing some things I've been crafting and sewing soon.

Have a great weekend! Hugs, Brenda


  1. Would love to taste the Relish!!! Blessings, Wendy

  2. I wish I could pop over to B's B&B! I'd even help do the dishes and laundry in exchange for some home cookin'! :) Love you!

  3. looking good, will be back to check on more B's B&B!

  4. LOVE the new blanket cover! I looked for material in ASu, but found nothing I liked. :(
    You have good reasons for not blogging. Have a good weekend!

  5. I'm so impressed with the bedspread and curtains! We're in harvest too and it's hard to find time to blog, isn't it!!!

  6. Glad to see you blogging again! Welcome back.

  7. If you ever need anything you can't find, send me an Email, I would be happy to help you out!

  8. LOVE the duvet and curtains! You go, girl! Hadn't heard from you in awhile! You're lookin' great!

    Our younger daughter married April 9. Oh, girl! I'm SOOOO glad that's over!


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