Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What we did this week - Easter 2012

Hey, I'm still alive! I know you were all worried about me:)

So, today I'll show you some fun we had over the Easter weekend. My lil' sister from Asuncion came up for the holidays and had the wonderful idea that we should make some cake pop-eggs!
Here my niece is crumbling up the chocolate cake for the raspberry/chocolate eggs.

Here my other niece (I do have wonderful nieces, by the way) and my beloved redheaded daughter are crumbling up the sponge cake for the tiramisu cake pop-eggs.

My sister J and my daughter Cindy posing in front of our first ever cake pops. We learned a lot along the way...

Like: don't forget to drink terere while making them...

From this perspective: a cake pop forest...

I know I look absolutely beautiful in this shot, so please don't give me any compliments! We're making little Easter baskets as well.

Cindy found that they were the perfect size for her cellphone. (I'm surprised she let go of her phone long enough to take a picture)

Some cake pops were not fortunate enough to make it to the end. We will remember them with a smile...

Because we had some melted chocolate leftover and a bag of german pretzels, we did this:

We had a great time, and I would like to thank my sis and my nieces for the wonderful morning.

A few weeks ago, as some of you might know, we won this in a raffle:

We were very happy, but we wanted to buy a motorcycle that Amy could use, as she has her driver's licence since January. So we brought that moto to the shop and brought this beauty home last week. The Kenton was a 250 cc. and too big to drive (motor-wise) for Amy, and this one is a 125 cc. She loves it!

She was so happy, that she went and made pretzels!
No, actually she did that because I was too lazy to, and she, no, we all love eating them.

I have tons of work in my sewing room, so I'll end now. Hope you had a blessed Easter with friends and family that loves you as much as mine do!

Have a great week!


P.S. I bought myself an iPad a few weeks ago ( :) Anyone have suggestions or advice how to post a blogpost on it? I'm only finding paid apps for it.

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