Monday, May 28, 2012

Things that happened in April 2012

Hi folks,
I know it's almost the end of May already, but I wanted to share some special pictures of April with you. If I remember (remind me!) I'll post the highlights of May next week.

These past two months have been the rainiest fall months that I can remember. We are going into winter with full cisterns, full water holes, green pasture and a lot of muddy roads and dirty trucks that need to washed often.

The picture above and below were taken on Easter Sunday, when we were sliding on muddy roads to town for a family gathering. (I was driving and to distract the girls, they took pictures)

I love watching Brianna play with Chester! She is begging for a Lab, but we just can't seem to want two dogs on our yard. Chester is a great watch dog, but he's on the chain in the daytime. Except when Brianna plays!
He just loves her!

When we were going to my parents ranch one morning, we saw the school bus and a semi in opposite ditches. Our neighbor helped them out. (School bus is left and way in the back on the right side you can see the semi filled with a farmers crop of sorghum. He had slipped in the ditch the night before and spent the night in there:()

At my parents ranch. Their sow had 17 piglets!

Mom loves baby animals.

This was my favorite:)

I know I post way too many pics of my cat Eskimo. But I just love how he likes to sleep in this position:)

We spent a lazy Sunday and a neighbors field. The men were shooting pigeons, and the ladies lazed! I loved the little picturesque waterhole close by...

You could forget we lived in the place called : the green hell...

Another exciting thing happened in April. My oldest best friend (oldest because I've known her forever) (she's only 3 months older than I), had a baby girl! Her name is Tiffany René and she is one of the cutest babies around. I know I say that about all babies, but I just love all babies:)

Thanks for taking the time to browse through my pictures! I love having visitors on my blog and I LOVE your comments. I'll be back sometime soon!

Love, Brenda

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  1. wow those are great pictures, hard to belive it rained that much there! God is good!


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