Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I miss about Halloween

To understand this post, you must know that I was born in Canada and lived there until I turned 10 years old. A lot of things that happened in my childhood are rosier in my mind than in real live. I remember going camping, going shopping in great big stores, eating out at McDonald's, racing down the slopes at Paskapoo in little racecar-like sleds, traveling to my grandparents house from Calgary to Winnipeg in a truck (my Dad had a roof on the top of the truck bed, I think it's illegal to transport people like that now:), and I remember Halloween.

Here in Paraguay, we don't celebrate Halloween. I've noticed that in the capital they are starting to catch on with the whole scary decorating thing and with wierd dress-up parties. But here in my beloved boonies, only people that have been in North America know the whole trick-or-treating custom.

What I miss about Halloween:

1. Candy

2. Costumes

and thats it.

I hate all the hype about cobwebs, witches, ghosts, skeletons, zombies, vampires, etc.....

But I loved to go trick-or-treating in the safety of my 3 sisters company, with pillowcases as goody bags, walking up and down familiar streets, our breath turning to fog in the cold October air, checking out who has the best hobo costume this year, and comparing our loot at home.

I remember my oldest sister, D, would always save one red lollipop till the next  Halloween. We would see who had the most chocolate, and be disapointed with the apples we got. (My Mom wouldn't let us eat them, because we heard that sometimes evil people stuck razor blades in them). The greatest prize was always when we got McDonald's coupons!

So, I'm tired of all the crafts, costumes and decorating Halloween style that the internet spews at me everyday, just send me some candy and I'll be ok.

That reminds me, I got a package in the mail today, and I nearly cried. My fellow Chaco-blogger Betty was in Pedro Juan Caballero (a Paraguayan city on the border to Brazil) last week and blogged about getting her beloved Salt-and-Vinegar Chips there. I made a comment about grabbing them from her. Turns out I didn't need to threaten her. She sent me a Pringles can of S&V chips! Thanks, Betty!

So now you know my feelings about Halloween, I can go and hide in my sewing room and snack on some chips! :)


  1. I am not a big fan of Halloween, but I (who doesn't craft) made a Halloween wreath. So don't look at my blog tomorrow, even though it's pretty much the only thing I've ever made that actually turned out like I pictured...

  2. It´s makes me happy to make someone else happy. :)
    Glad you liked your surprise. How could I NOT share? :) Just don´t forget to tell me, if you´re ever going to PJC, ´cause I need to order some more chips....
    I miss Halloween for the same reasons. It was so much more innocent back in our day.

  3. We used to be able to go door to door in big groups, many carrying pillowcases. It became unsafe when I was past the age, but I feel bad that my kids don't get to experience this. I can't stand all the witch, vampire, and dead stuff. There are some big fall parties in the area that don't do all the scary stuff. They are major candy blow outs! I have always tried to buy back the candy and replace it with better choices for my kids. I have a couple kids that are really good about this. With two with food allergies, they know that there are many things out there they can't have. The little fun sized don't have ingredients on them most of the time.
    I share my Belgian chocolate with them and they don't complain.
    Pet peeve: I can't stand all the scary stuff displayed in stores WAY before Halloween, but I'm rather biased against seeing anything out too far ahead of any holiday. It reminds me of how commercial everything is!

    I'll remember to send you some candy when I get those carrier chickens trained!

  4. p.s. I see my oldest follows you- farmgirlwrites.
    She has good taste in blogs.

  5. I think Betty got it right - it was much more innocent when I was a kid. We had funny costumes - not creepy, scary, monster type stuff! And in our day the apples came in handy for this immigrant family and they lasted us until Christmas! No razor blades then! Oh well, can't bring back the past! Enjoy your candy!

  6. Like, like, like! Oh, sorry, this is not Facebook! I love the way you put that, B! I couldn't have said it better! Love you!
    And please save one or ten chips for me!
    Shall we go to PJC instead of Bolivia?

  7. Isn't it funny how a child's view of Halloween can be so different from a Mom's? Even though some days I would give almost anything to have my kids small again, for a long sit-down time of reading together or a hug or a drive in the car, I have never ever felt nostalgic about Halloween! It always felt stressful: what in the world can we figure out for costumes this year (especially when one of the children wasn't satisfied to be just a clown or cat, that is, a costume that we already had, but had to concoct something completely new and different!) And then there was all the effects of non-stop sugar for weeks after. :) -- But I enjoyed your memories and you sure shouldn't change them because of one old happy-to-be-finished-with-Halloween aunt!

  8. Our kids are a zebra and a pirate this year, and i dress up and walk with them. Not sure what i am going to be this year, last year i was Mrs.Claus. We go to the in-laws for supper, and walk down their street. Its a long street with just a few little kids we meet along the way in cute costums. Then we have coffee and desert (cake) and the kids have and check out their huge bags full! Then the Big kids come with discusting costums and we turn the lights out and close the door and forget about them.

  9. I WISH everyone here would stop celebrating it. Hate the day and try to ignore it.

  10. Great post and a huge topic of debate! For most of us, halloween is about costumes & candy! My husband was never allowed to go trick-or-treating as a child and he was always embarassed about it. Since it is going to happen whether we like it or not, we take part and turn it into a fun family night. We generally get the cousins (and friends)together to go trick-or-treating and share a lot of laughs! Too bad so many people have turned it into a bad thing! It is what you make of it!


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